Quick way to block random IPs from list


Quick way to block random IPs from list

If I have a list of 200 IP addresses I want to deny thru the firewall, is there a quick way to add them?  (They are *NOT* a continuous range.) 

Kind of a big deal

I think you might need to take this opportunity to learn how to leverage the API. This looks spot on for what you want to do: https://developer.cisco.com/meraki/build/mx-firewall-control-python-script/


As for quick, it may be a wash comparing how long to copy paste them manually vs. getting a script setup, tested and working, but once you have this setup you should be able to make large batch changes quickly next time.



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

If they are comma seperated you can put them in 1 field.  Not sure what the limit is for 1 field

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