Port forwarding scenario in redundant wan link


Port forwarding scenario in redundant wan link

Hello All,


I have meraki 64 security device and where i configured a port forwarding on WAN 1 so that my remote users can connect to my internal server using WAN 1 public ip .


As i need to configured a load balancing between using two WAN link i.e upto 50mbps traffic goes to WAN 1 and upto 40mbps traffic goes via WAN 2. 


Need to know will configuring load balancing using two wan links cause any connection problem to access my port forwarded server using wan 1 public ip address or my users just need to access the server like they are doing previously.

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Head in the Cloud

Hi Vishal,

I do not see any change in the way users have been accessing the internal server.

The sessions created to access internal servers will go via the same path .i.e WAN1 with the available bandwidth of 50 Mbps.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

As already mentioned, it will not break your incoming connections. The load balancing works strictly outbound, while your port-forwarding works inbound. But with two ISPs that are also quite similar, you could also think about providing inbound access through both ISP which gives you additional redundancy in case the first ISP fails.

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