Performance boost in mx 18.2

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Performance boost in mx 18.2



firmware release page for Mx 18.2 contains the following note:

MX75, MX250, and MX450 will have a performance boost enabled by default in MX 18.2 and above firmware release.


What are the new expected throughput numbers for those models?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Hi ,


I would have to find the stats that were announced at Cisco Live 2023. I will try to find them tomorow

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They are have been in the Meraki Sizing guide for some time (a couple of months).


I always look at the : "Max throughput with all security features enabled", and they have more or less doubled for some of the new MX compared to the old version of sizing guide.

I was told that these numbers where taken from 18.2 and have just been patiently waiting for that to be released.

For example the previous number for the new boxes was

MX105 : 1.5 Gbps

MX95 : 1 Gbps

MX85 / MX75 : 500 Mbps

MX250 remains the same from the previous Sizing guide.

And MX450 actually drops from 4 to 2,5 ... Strange.

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