Packet loss on MX64

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Packet loss on MX64



can anyone help me? I did open case on support but its is already days passed but no response.


I have client directly connected to Meraki but when I do icmp on dashboard it has packet loss. on client side if I do icmp other vlan it has loss BUT if its under same VLAN its normal all smooth...


connectivity is very important for me since I need to pass VOIP traffic.

Meraki Employee

Hi @ludwigbery I'm not sure I fully understood the question but it sounds like you might need to open ICMP services from the WAN side coming through the MX to the LAN side, you should be able to set this up on the Firewall configuration page under Security Appliance Services.  Hover over the "i" for more info and fill in the appropriate IPs in the ICMP text box. If it's LAN-to-LAN traffic that should work unless you have other FW rules then you would need to add a rule to allow the ICMP you need to pass between VLANs.  If there's still no response from Meraki Support might be better to just call in and provide any case ID you already got via email.  

thank you @MerakiDave,


Agree, called support and found out endpoint issue. My bad, apologies for this one

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