PAT on Meraki MX?

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PAT on Meraki MX?

Is it possible to configure port address translation for incoming traffic from a site to site VPN? I would like incoming traffic from the peer site to translate to the inside LAN interface of the Meraki MX.



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Yes you can do 1:Many NAT on Site to site VPN, have a look on below link and check for 1-to-many (1:M) VPN NAT there


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I see this "This feature is only supported for Auto VPN and is not intended to work with non-Meraki VPN peers."


So it will not work for a site to site vpn between a meraki and non meraki peer?


That sucks if that's the case. 



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@hmc250000, unfortunately the answer here is no. The only NAT you can do on site-to-site VPN is the one linked to by Inderdeep, and this is intended for when you have spoke sites which have overlapping IP address ranges. (It’s a 1:1 NAT and not a PAT).


What are you trying to achieve/what’s the problem? Maybe there is another way to get the outcome you require with the Meraki solution.

We have overlapping ip ranges for a site to site VPN with an external partner.


And by the way I do not see the option to enable VPN subnet translation (only VPN on or VPN off). However AutoVPN is already enabled. 

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It will only work with Meraki peers, it doesn't work with non-Meraki peers. If you want it enabled you have to contact support, then you'll see the option to enable it if needed.

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Actually, subnet translation might work on non-Meraki VPN, but it's not supported.   I had a customer try this, a few years back, despite it not being officiallly supported - and it apparently worked.   I discovered later that they'd stopped using the feature, but without any feedback, unfortunately.


As someone else asked, it would be good to understand the use case.

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