New vMX (S/M/L) Public cloud vendor sizing guides

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New vMX (S/M/L) Public cloud vendor sizing guides

Just a quick one - Is there any documentation available showing recommended instance/machine sizes for the new Small/Medium/Large vMX appliances for public cloud vendors?



Kind of a big deal











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Kind of a big deal

Whoa!  The VMX now supports running in NAT mode on AWS?


NAT Mode Concentrator 

In this mode the MX is configured with a single Ethernet connection to the upstream network and one Ethernet connection to the downstream network. VPN traffic is received and sent on the WAN interfaces connecting the MX to the upstream network and the decrypted, unencapsulated traffic is sent and received on the LAN interface that connects the MX to the downstream network. 


If you wish to change the concentrator mode after the vMX deployment, you must restart the instance for the changes to be applied. Please choose the desired concentrator mode before the vMX deployment.

Very Nice, @PhilipDAth have you tested the NAT mode configuration in AWS yet? Do you know if the firewall functions work/are configurable? when in NAT mode in AWS (Layer 4/7 Firewall rules)?


I would love to also know if the NAT mode vMX supports new GWLB service that AWS has just released 🙂

Kind of a big deal

No, I haven't tested it.  I only just discovered that it exists.

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