Netflow settings (PRTG or other)

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Netflow settings (PRTG or other)



trying to configure netflow on MX devices to talk to PRTG 

The meraki documentation dos not provide information about what the recommended active timeout should be.

has anyone used PRTG or other netflow connector and can provide some information on the settings they used?


thanks in advance for any contributions



Kind of a big deal

Netflow timeouts are not dependent on the platform you're sending Flows from. It mostly depends on what you're trying to achieve with it and what your Flow destination is able to make out of that setting.


At least for Stealthwatch, a 60 second timeout is considered "best practice". Guess you should be good to go with that for PRTG too.

thanks, CptnCrnch

i was unsure if there was some lower limit. i did not think so but PRTG doco suggests one minute longer than recommended by the device vendor. 



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