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Mx64 Client VPN Question

Comes here often

Mx64 Client VPN Question

I have a couple of possibly silly questions for you guys.

First of all, I am trying to create a client VPN using a MX64. So far so good, I can reach the internet as well as view my traffic with dashboard from a location other than where the meraki is located. The issue I'm running into is that I want to be able to view/share files from one location to the network that the mx64 is located on. I don't have the ability to run wires from the mx64 to other computers in the building, so I would like to be able to set up a wireless router post meraki.

As of right now I am stuck there because the router can access the internet fine, however VPN shuts down a few moments after connection unless the router is unplugged. Not sure what I did wrong here.


My second question is that this morning I noticed I have a new tab in the dashboard for the meraki which says "wireless" on the left side, if I go to "access points" it says I have an MR42 which is not connecting to the internet. There is only a Shaw internet modem and the MX64 attached to the internet so I am a little confused on what the MR42 is doing there.

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