Migration from Sonicwall TZ 400 to a Meraki MX67

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Migration from Sonicwall TZ 400 to a Meraki MX67

I am attempting to migrate to the MX67.


I am trying to figure out the NAT routing that works on the Sonicwall so that I might set it up on the Meraki.


Any assistance would be great.


Thank you

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Split screen or two monitors and just start copy/pasting and typing has always worked well for me.  

@BrandonS The NAT rules are very different between the Sonicwall and the Meraki.


Here is what I put into the Meraki




I can also add the Sonicwall NAT if needed.

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Working on the same type of project but with a HA setup.  Good luck to you.  I'm just taking it little by little and trying to backup as much as I can from the sonicwall.

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When migrating from a different firewall vendor I think it is best not to try to replace the NAT config 1 to 1 but instead try to figure out what the original requirement was and then try to figure out how to solve this on the MX. Very often it will just not work the same way as it was configured before.

@KarstenI Being that I am new to the Meraki NAT configuration.  I want to make sure that I am setting it up correctly so that traffic that I flowing under the Sonicwall will under the Meraki.  

Basically right now I have traffic that is flowing through a site to site VPN tunnel through a local IP to a server housed outside the organization.  I want to be able to shut off the Sonicwall and have the Meraki take over.


The moment you have a lightly complex NAT-config on the other device, it will not always be possible to migrate that 1:1 to the MX. That's the reason it is important to describe to requirements as good as possible.

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Here is the requirement:


Remote server for radiology through Site to Site VPN to an EMR what has an internal IP address for the router.  The traffic should flow both ways through that internal IP from the RA IP addresses and the EMR IP addresses.   Is there an easy way to make that happen through the NAT rules in the Meraki?


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