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Migration from FG100E to MX84

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Migration from FG100E to MX84



Has anyone ever done a migration from Fortigate to Meraki before?


How does anyone copy line by line, item by item from the Fortigate to the Meraki?  


I have done migrations from Juniper to Fortigate, but when I was asked to prepare to migrate from Fortigate to Meraki, I was stuck.  How does one create policy address and services?  How do we specify interzone policies?  


I've been trying to figure it out the whole afternoon but I'm still scratching my head.. Are there any documentations around that can help with that?  


Waiting for your favorable reply.



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Re: Migration from FG100E to MX84

Meraki MX doesn't allow you to create address or service objects.  You'll have to specify the addresses and ports needed each time they appear.


You'll probably want to apply a group policy to each VLAN and put your firewall rules in that to better mimic controlling access between zones, rather than doing it globally.

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Re: Migration from FG100E to MX84

Like Phillip said, there is not an "easy" way to import that data. Here are 2 more guides that should help you with the process:
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