Meraki device lost connectivity to cloud


Meraki device lost connectivity to cloud


question about behavior when Meraki device lost connectivity to cloud. 


I know that when device lost connectivity to the dashboard it will store the data \ information locally and once connectivity is restored, it will sync it back to the dashboard (Please correct if this is not right)


1) how long the data will be stored locally ( I can't find any information on the device local storage capacity)

2) what happened when the storage is full ( I'm assuming it will start to right on the existing data) 



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Getting noticed

You may want to look at this support page. I'm not aware of any data saving feature, short of MV cameras that will continue to record. Essentially everything should function and you can't make any configuration changes until the connection is restored.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Configuration is stored locally so devices can continue to run.

For something like the event log, it will be written locally until cloud connectivity is restored.


As for the local storage capacity and timeframe of storing local data, as far as I'm aware it's not publicly documented.

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