Meraki MX85 / Unifi UAP Pro / US 16 - 150w

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Meraki MX85 / Unifi UAP Pro / US 16 - 150w



Newbie to the forum with a couple of questions.


We are a resort of 50 rooms and currently have 20 Unifi UAP Pro running from the US 16 - 150w. We are looking to upgrade our internet speed and secuity and looking to install the Meraki MX85. 


Will we have access to the Unifi AP on the backend of Meraki and have control to each AP?


Any advice will be amazing and thank you for reading.


Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

In terms of AP management, as long as the Unifi controller (wherever it resides) can reach the Unifi Switch and AP's, there shouldn't be any difference from how you currently manage it.


In terms of networking configuration and design, you might have to make some adjustments for adding in the MX such as adding the appropriate VLANs, setting DHCP etc.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

On a side note; have you seen the Meraki MR36H?  It's a little tiny WiFi6 AP and 4 port switch designed to go into resort rooms to provide awesome coverage and performance for guests.  One of the switch ports is also PoE, so can power a phone in the room - and the whole unit is also PoE powered, so you don't need separate power in the room to provision it.  You can often remove a data jack and put this in its place. 

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