Getting Alerts of IP conflict

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Getting Alerts of IP conflict

Greetings Community! 

We just switched to MX couple of days ago and we configured Alerts if there's any IP conflict it does works because we are getting lots of email for that however, it is just for a single device and that is on LAG (Basically we are using LAG on switch for Synology server) now somehow MX consider it as IP conflict because the device has 2 MAC address. 
Is their any way around for that or maybe MX have a thing to keep servers under LAG.?
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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Unfortunately we don't have a way to stop it alerting on that, since the entire process just checks for multiple ARP responses for the same IP coming from different MACs. You'd need some way to have at least one of those ARP responses stop reaching the MX (or getting generated)

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