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does Meraki MX68CW support T-mobile GSM? I found this link MX67 and MX68 Datasheet - Cisco Meraki and in the datasheet is shows that Tested carriers are: 


Tested Carriers ----- > Verizon, AT&T, Bell Canada, T-Mobile, Telus, Rogers


Any other documentation or confirmation is appreciated.



Kind of a big deal

The note underneath the table gives a bit more of an explanation:

"Carrier compatibility is generally based on having compatible bands on the modem. In the open market, carriers may only require regulatory domain certifications and open market certifications, like the PTCRB and GCF, to be compatible for their network. Sometimes carriers will require additional testing before a device can be used on their network. The section Tested Carriers is based on Meraki device certifications being approved by those specific carriers. A carrier being listed above means that they have officially certified the Meraki product for their cellular network. There maybe many unlisted carriers could be functionally compatible with Meraki devices. The list of tested certified carriers is based on the carrier validating Meraki per their network parameter requirements. If a carrier you are looking to use is not listed above, it could be that they do not require additional compliance testing for their network."

Basically, as long as the carrier supports the bands on the device, and the SIM isn't locked in any way, there's no technical reason it wouldn't work. It's more that the listed carriers have approved and certified that the Meraki devices will work on their network.

Here to help

Thanks for the detained info! 


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