Meraki MX68C LTE Failover

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Meraki MX68C LTE Failover

The current MX65W series 3G/4G fail over takes 30+ seconds to fail over from a WAN1/2 disconnect to the cellular fail over. Will the new MX67C and MX68C versions be more like a 3rd WAN connection that can be used immediately as a primary WAN connection or will it be specifically geared more towards the 30+ second fail over?

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Re: Meraki MX68C LTE Failover

The failover time will depend a lot on your carrier.  In my country the failover usually happens within 10s.


The new "C" models treat the built in LTE exactly the same as a USB LTE modem.  So if you are using the same carrier you should expect the same failover time.


However you do get extra stats on the built in LTE modem, such as signal strength.

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