Meraki MX100 SIP and Dual WAN ?..

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Meraki MX100 SIP and Dual WAN ?..



I have a situation where I am implementing a cloud based SIP phone system with all my users behind and MX100 configured with dual WAN.  I have the MX configured to send all traffic out WAN 1, but continue to see phone traffic traversing WAN 2.  I have my traffic shaping policies set to give priority to all SIP traffic, and my question is, would my traffic shaping override the "send all traffic out WAN 1" statement, and look at the available bandwidth of both WANs combined?  Or would it only look at the available bandwidth of WAN 1?



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Traffic shaping(prio) is not related to sending traffic to wan2. 

If you have a continuous sesion to the cloud provider from a phone and its on wan2 it does not fall back to wan1 as long the session is up. Did you reboot the phones using wan2 and do they still use wan2 after the reboot?

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