Meraki MX to MX VPN not working over Global Roaming Cellular


Meraki MX to MX VPN not working over Global Roaming Cellular

Ive got MX's located overseas eg Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore.  Im using a Global Roaming SIM with its parent carrier based in HK (hence all internet traffic comes out of the HK gateway).


The cellular backup for Meraki management traffic and direct internet traffic works fine with the Global Roaming SIM, but the moment we try to launch Meraki VPN, it fails as if something in the Global Roaming path is blocking it.


Global Roaming does create carrier to carrier tunnels I think and that may reduce the payload MTU and MAY interfere with VPN.. 

Also, the MTU size selection in Meraki is not selectable for Cellular WAN interface so we could not reduce MTU.


Does anybody know if a local SIM works in Asian countries for cellular Meraki VPN ?

Has anybody else seen this problem before and what did you end up doing ?



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Meraki TAC can manipulate the MTU on MX interfaces.

You will need to open a case with TAC and ask them to change it.

I have had to do this in the past on an old DSL circuit that needed a lower MTU

in order for the site-to-site VPN tunnel to work over it.


Thanks jbright, but in this case, we needed the MTU change on the Cellular interface and the TAC said that MTU reduction on cellular was not possible  ie only on terrestrial /Ethernet WAN interfaces...   dont know why this is the case, whether its because the OEM 4G MOdule on the Meraki MX67C is not flexible etc etc ...    Thanks so much for your input though...

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Meraki Employee

Carrier Grade NAT may be playing a role here, too - running pcaps at both ends can reveal if the mobile carrier is manipulating ports in a way that fools the UDP punch process.   Switching to Manual NAT traversal at the Hub end, choosing a UDP port between 1025 and 32768, but avoiding 4500 may help.   More on setting this up here:

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