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Hello Team,


I would Like to know what are the advantages of being Meraki MSP

Kind of a big deal


8 reasons why you should become a Meraki Managed Service Provider (MSP):
1. Create managed services without many of the typical start-up costs and investments
2. Meraki offers a complete portfolio of 100% cloud-managed LAN, WAN, endpoint
management, smart camera, security solutions and IOT sensor solutions
3. No additional hardware required for monitoring hardware and data center buildouts
4. The Meraki MSP dashboard allows you to remotely and centrally manage any number
of customer networks and integrate with API’s
5. Provide co-branded customer portals with role-based access, rich analytics, simplified
support ticketing across multiple organizations, location analytics, and remote live
tools, such as rogue DHCP detection and containment
6. Intuitive platform, simple for sales to position
7. Reduced Network Operation Center (NOC) resources
8. Easily scale large customer deployments

Cisco IT Blogs awarded in 2020 & 2021

Thank You for the Reply.


Appreciate if you can Elaborate Number 5 from the Reasons Below.

Kind of a big deal

@Eyad2411 : Check MSP portal below


Cisco IT Blogs awarded in 2020 & 2021
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