Meraki - Integration with AD Server - Error 0x8004106c

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Meraki - Integration with AD Server - Error 0x8004106c

I am looking to integrate the MX84 with AD server that is using the Microsoft server version 2008.


The settings have been correctly made in Meraki, but according to Meraki Support, the server returns error code 0x8004106c (Quota violation, while running WMI queries).


Meraki Support suggested applying the fixes documented in "", however , even if you apply the recommended actions, the same error code is returned.


I'd like some help. Is there any action that is effective to correct this problem?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Did you reboot after making the change?


Perhaps there is something corrupted in your security log.  I would try clearing the security log in the event viewer.

Hey Philip,


Yes, the server has been restarted and the security logs have been cleared. This did not solve the problem.


Thanks for your help.

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hey @silvio_sln,


From the looks of the error message, it might also be a resource problem. It may be worth checking the Task Manager Performance tab (or Resource Monitor) to ensure you are not running out of memory, so there would be no spare to allocate for the WMI query. 





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Hey Giacomo,


There are 02 servers, both with 16GB of memory. The memory usage of the first one does not reach 2GB and the second one has 4GB of free memory. I believe this is not the cause.


Anyway, I'm grateful for your help.

This is memory allocated to WMI calls. Not memory on the system itself. You'll want to adjust this as it's default is like 512 meg for Windows 2008 servers. 


This tech article explains how to do that.

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