Meraki Client VPN Issue.

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Meraki Client VPN Issue.


We did use the Meraki MR67 device. we have enabled the client VPN. I had configured user-side L2TP in windows 10 laptops. A lot of people regularly compliant VPN not connected. I had checked and troubleshooting the issue But, didn't connect VPN. also had changed the password and uninstall all network drivers, and the service side also changed but no connect to VPN.

Do you have an idea?


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first of all...the setup check out this documentation for each OS.


As a next step, check out this troubleshooting guide for ClientVPN. It helped me every time I had problems.

Check the Event Viewer on the windows side and figure out what error code you get. With error code check the

actions in the troubleshooting guide.


hope this helps...or add more details


Thank you for your reply.

I have already tried all options. But not fixed the issue.

Any other way solutions,

Thank you.

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If you have been through the troubleshooting guide, then try using my online tool to create a PowerShell script to configure the client VPN connection.  It sets a few things that will make it much more likely to work. 


Failing that, Cisco AnyConnect licences are reasonably cheap, and it is so much more reliable.  We use Cisco AnyConnect as our first choice for client VPN.  It is so much more reliable. 


Thank you for sharing the details.

How to backup setting in MX67 device. 

Thank you.

The settings for Meraki devices are backed up, by default;   the config resides in the Dashboard and is pushed down to the device after creation.


You can get a flavour for this by looking at how you'd deploy a replacement MX unit (e.g. for RMA) here:

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