Meraki AnyConnect + Azure AD SAML RBAC Options

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Meraki AnyConnect + Azure AD SAML RBAC Options


Is it possible to create some type of RBAC using group policy or SAML (Azure AD) for an Anyconnect user?

Ideally giving them a specific VLAN when they connect based on a level of access would be fine, or somehow applying a group policy that contains an L3 firewall override?

How do others do this in the field? ISE?

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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hi ToryDav, 

The MX appliances do not support multiple VLANs for client VPN and Any Connect clients. We do have the ability to assign group policies to client VPN users however that can make them subject to a different set of firewall rules. 

I'd advise reviewing the following documentation:

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