Many MXs in the same Org <Non-Meraki VPN> AWS

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Many MXs in the same Org <Non-Meraki VPN> AWS



I have 2 Network in the same Org and AWS

1. FLC - with "FLC" tag, LAN subnet: 

2. TH1 - with "TH1" tag, LAN subnet:

3. AWS - with Server subnet:


I create 2 VPN tunnel from each MX to AWS. Everything seem OK: 2 tunnels are up.

But I can not ping stably from Server Host: to any host of 2 Network. Sometime can ping, sometime can not (almost can not)

Because 2 MXs are in the same Org, so I use Network tag to make sure they use their own VPN tunnel, and no Private subnet conflict




Just 2 Network for now, and we will have another Network soon.

So I need your help to fix this problem, because we have not had a plan to use vMX.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Hi @KhoaPham 


We are currently staging something similar but the behaviour we’re seeing is that despite configuring two tunnels on the MX out to AWS only one will come up. If we down the active tunnel then the second comes online.  

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