MX84 with advanced licensing

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MX84 with advanced licensing

Hello guys,


A partner of ours wants 2 x MX84-HW. 


Does 1 x LIC-MX 84-SEC-5YR covers both devices or does he need 2 licenses?


Thanks a lot!

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Kind of a big deal

For using them in HA mode, active-passive?


We always had 1 Lic per device. Think this is necessary.


Edit: corrected myself below... 1 lic enough in HA

Hello Marc and thanks for the prompt answer.


So with 2 Advanced License he will be covered right? Not with 1.


Thanks a lot, 

Kind of a big deal
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If you are using them together as an HA pair, then you only need 1 license. If you are using them separately, then you will need a license per appliance. If you are using them in an HA pair, then like @MarcP said, they have to be the same model. 2xMX84, 2xMX100, 2xMX67W, etc.. In your case, since you are purchasing two MX84s, you'll be okay.



Hope this helps

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