MX84 dash board state is cycling "good" and "bad"

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MX84 dash board state is cycling "good" and "bad"

I  have captured the traffic of MX84 connected port on Cisco Switch.

MX84 is no pinging to

MX65W is pinging per 1 sec


Is this RMA?

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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Is your MX passing traffic normally? Please note that although MX could be offline on dashboard, it might still be able to process traffic. Offline on dashboard means that there is a cloud connectivity issue. You can refer to the information under Help > Firewall info to find out if there are any changes that you need to do on your firewall to enable cloud connectivity. 



Sameh Sackla - Cisco Meraki

Thanks, Sameh,


Yes, this MX84 is begind the L3Switch and Checkpoint firewall.

I have tried directly connect ONU, and worked fine, definitely firewall issue, but firewall vendor said required ports were all opend.

Packet capture is showing UDP:7351 but return traffic seems to be smaller than sending.


L3 Switch gateway proxy arp is enable, is there possibility of cause?


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