MX68CW - Verizon Public IP Cellular Unstable Connection

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MX68CW - Verizon Public IP Cellular Unstable Connection

Long story short, I have a Verizon SIM that has been working fine on my MX68CW, however Client VPN wasn't working after some google searching and calling into Meraki, I was told I needed to have Verizon assign a Static IP.  Verizon did assign the static IP address, and provided me the APN we01.vzwstatic to go along with it. 


As soon as they switched it to Static IP, I went ahead and copy and past the APN within the Uplink configuration of the Cellular on the dashboard. 


However, I am unable to get a stable connection when its switch to Static IP.  It would connect for about 1-2 seconds then disconnect.  I had Verizon remove the static IP and confirmed it connects to 4G with no issues.  As soon as they add the Static IP, it does the same thing again.


Called into Meraki, and they blame Verizon.  Verizon escalated to their supervisor, and they blame Meraki.  I am at a loss.. any suggestions?

Here to help

Upgrading Firmware of my MX68CW to 15.27 now to test and see if it fixes it.

Upgraded the Firmware just now to 15.27 and would you look at that.. issue solved for the meantime.  Connected and working so far 🙂

Kind of a big deal

The MX has no idea if you have a static or dynamic IP address.  APNs are just strings to it.  It can't tell the difference between them.


Although the upgrade may have appeared to have fix it - it was something else.  Perhaps it was the simple act of being rebooted.

Ya not sure whats going on.. prior to the upgrade I spent an hour with Meraki support, and about 5 reboots and never got it to work.  I had Verizon remove the static IP address and Meraki support also noticed it was working fine with no issues.  Anyhow, it works better since the upgraded firmware, however we are still seeing unreliable disconnect. 

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