MX68 - 50 client limitation for WIFI deployment

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MX68 - 50 client limitation for WIFI deployment

I am looking to set up a 20 AP Public WIFI greenfield deployment as cheap as possible. Looking to have an MX68 with dual 100/40M NBN FTTP internet connections 1 x MS210 Switch and 20 MR33 AP's. The MX68 should be able to handle the dual NBN throughput as it isn't going to have any VPN load but I am worried about stated limitation of 50 clients as I am predicting could have up to 100 trying to connect simultaneously at peak times. Has anyone had any experience with real world client load on any of the new gen MX67 w/c or 68 w/cw? Do you think the lack of SDWAN/VPN enabled should mean the MX should be able to handle more than 50 clients? 

Kind of a big deal

The published 50 client limit isn't a hard value - but where the unit will start running out of CPU power if it has most functions turned on.


If you turn off all the security features you'll punch a bit higher, but I would be going for an MX84.

Agreed, if the budget can take it I would definitely go for an 84.

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