MX65 USB Port Issues

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MX65 USB Port Issues

I am hearing of a lot of folks with MX65 appliances who's USB port is not working with a SkyusDS today, anyone else experiencing this issue with any make USB modem?  Have you logged a support case with Meraki?


Their is an open bug report for the MX65, please reference this when calling in to support with this issue.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

On the whole I have few clients using USB for 3G/4G.  I always advise them to use an Ethernet 3G/4G device where possible.  Of the few using USB (maybe 200 to 250 MX devices across all my customers) - none of them are reporting any issues.

Comes here often

Are these issues related to certain MX65 Firmware versions?




I suspect this is the case but I am unable to reproduce the trouble in out lab environment.


My company has had several SkyusDS modems randomly drop offline for hours at a time. We pair these with MX65w's. Typically we'll need to power cycle the device 5-10x for things to come back online.

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