MX64 taking too long to register on Dashboard for the first time

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MX64 taking too long to register on Dashboard for the first time

Hello everyone,


Im currently working in an implementation of a new network (via MPLS and Internet) and we noticed that the MX64 takes a long time to register on the Dashboard for the first time, it varies from 15-20min to 40-60minutes. It´s almost one hour just sitting watching the lights from the MX64 changing colors waiting it to connect to the Dashboard.


It eventually connects, but, this long time, is there any way to short it? How long does the MX64 should take to register itself on the Dashboard for the first time?


After the very "first" time, the registration process (like after reboot from firmware upgrade) is less than 3min total (including the reboot itself).


Any ideas why this first registration takes so long? Anything that can be monitored (despite the Local Status Page) or checked to give at least an idea of what is going on?



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

did you als try connect the mx to a "normal" internet router where all traffic is allowed?  is it also taking 20-40 minuten then?


its possible that it can 't connect using the default ports and its going to try other ports

Hello ww, how are you?


In fact we´re planning to do so, the drawback is, customer dispatched it to all sites, so we´ll be able to use only a 4G Router and give a shot of how long it take on it.


At first, firewall rules looks good, but there is a proxy in their network, which we have no access to the configuration.


If the MX is not able to use it´s default ports it´ll try all others one by one?



Kind of a big deal

Two thoughts.

1. What does the local status page say while it is waiting to connect?

2. Contact support and ask them what is going on.

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