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MX64 en MX84


MX64 en MX84

I'm new in meraki and in here, but next week I will finally receive our ordered CISCO Meraki MX Firewalls 3x MX64 for out Geust networks and 2 for creatring a small DMZ for connecting 2 internal networks.


The MX84 will run in a failover pair and already did some research about licensing, also followed the CMNO webinar. But still looking for some good sites about configurations.


Would also love to hear about your 1st experiences with Cisco Meraki. Final goal is to replace all our ASA's with Meraki's.


Greeetzz Jurgen



Getting noticed

Re: MX64 en MX84

Hey Jurgen


How many firewalls do you have?

what licenses did you purchase?

how big is your environment?


Re: MX64 en MX84

I'm talking about 5 Sites, 2 of them connected trough a IPSEC VPN, Azure cloud, 300 VPN users.


Currently we've got 2x MX 64 en 2x MX84. We've purchased the advanced license for 3 of them. As the MX84 will run in a warm spare setup, Meraki require 1 license for that.


We will use the MX64 for our Geust network on the 3 sites, we've purchased 1 extra for it, and  the MX84 for creating a DMZ zone between a production network and the regular network.



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