MX64 - PPPoE Logs / Troubleshooting


MX64 - PPPoE Logs / Troubleshooting

Good day , 


is there a way that i can view the logs / authentication attempts the MX64 Appliance is trying to make with my ISP ,
Such as radius not reachable / auth failed ect.. 
i frequently get asked by my ISP to do a direct PPPoE using a laptop & i want to stop this as it requires a user to be on-site.   

if i could just view the error being returned when the Meraki is trying to initate the PPPoE connection it would save me a lot of time , resources & headaches. 


Kind Regards

Michael Mclean

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I had assumed that these could be found within the MXs (device type) Syslog messages. Looking at I'm not too sure though


Unfortunately, I don't have any chance to test this right now, but giving it a try yourself wouldn't possibly hurt either. 🙂

Kind of a big deal

As @CptnCrnch said, I don’t think these appear in the Eventlog/Syslog, and I just checked the Local Status Page too and there is nothing there - thought there might be as without the PPPoE you might not have Dashboard connectivity. It might be that support can see this, but doesn’t appear to be anything that’s ‘user’ accessible. Maybe it’s ‘Make a Wish’ time.

Yes indeed , however at least if these logs could be uploaded every (5 minutes or something similar)  it would help seeing what happened before the connectivity drops u would have a chance at seeing what went wrong , or after it comes back online.  

Would be really useful for some of us. for tracing & troubleshooting errors. 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal


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