MX250 v18.106 Slowness when accessing websites

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MX250 v18.106 Slowness when accessing websites



On our MX250s we are experiencing issues with significant slowness accessing websites, especially new ones, from our network after upgrading to MX18.106. We upgraded in order from 16.16.9 -> 17.10.2 -> 18.106


Previously we had tried updating to MX17.10.2  and had the same trouble, so we reverted back to MX16.16.9 (the last version we did not experience this issue on) and we had to turn off scanning for "full sites" in content filtering and choose "Top Sites" instead. This feature is gone since Meraki switched to Talos for content filtering and I am at a loss on what to do about it.


I have an open case with Meraki for this issue but have not been able to get anywhere yet. Web Cache is already disabled in our SD Wan settings. I have not tried rebooting them since shortly after the upgrade but I did do that to test HA.


Any help is greatly appreciated.

Kind of a big deal

This issue was solved on version 17.10.4


We still have the problem in 17.10.4 with MX84

Kind of a big deal

I had this problem on many networks after updates from 16 to 17 or 16 to 18. The solution was to remove all content and thread categories, apply, wait, and then reconfigure the needed categories.

Done that to but the problem still remains after reconfiguring threats and blocking categories.

Sometimes i have a connection reset page after a timeout. I then actualize the page and the web page is charging...

Seems that this new content filtering is too heavy for my MX84?

I am also running MX84s, 64s, 67s and luckily after these steps it went to normal. But likely my problem was something else than yours although the symptoms were the same..

Well I tested this out,


After removing all category blocking, sites are accessed with no issue. I ran this way for about an hour and things worked great but obviously this is not an ideal state.


I re-added all categories that were removed in Category Blocking and everything began running slow again.

I have exactly the same behouviour. Strange Meraki missed this after talos integration

Comes here often

I still have not heard back from Meraki. Fortunately we also have Umbrella (also uses Talos) so for now we are able to disable "Category Blocking" in Meraki and use it for content filtering instead.


Everything is working great this way but it doesn't solve the issue for anyone that doesn't have another content filtering solution setup.


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