MX250 upgrading to MX 16.15 There is an increased risk of encountering device stability issues on al

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MX250 upgrading to MX 16.15 There is an increased risk of encountering device stability issues on al

Why in all most the release notes does this appear

  • There is an increased risk of encountering device stability issues on all platforms and across all configurations.


How can this be a stable  release?

Kind of a big deal

@JED2021 : when ever there is a new release it will take some time to mature and that’s why it is always been an risk until it is deployed and checked with all the bugs in prod environment!

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Getting noticed

that is not an answer. That is just stating the obvious  Does anyone else have better insight?

Not speaking for PM and how/what they put into release notes. But MX16 isn't stable status, it's stable release candidate status. Perhaps the stability comment is a generic disclaimer for any while in RC or beta status.

I've not seen that comment in the 15.x or 14.x release notes. It first showed up in 16.4.  It reads like conditions that cause instability have been identified and the development team just hasn't gotten around to fixing them. 


They already put a generic disclaimer at the top of alpha and beta release notes.  That's enough.  They don't need an additional disclaimer in the Known Issues section.

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Ok so with the MX250.  There is no ignore upgrade.

You can reschedule the upgrade.

How do you reschedule until there is a stable?

Is there a scheduled upgrade on your MX250? If so, can you cancel it using the Firmware Upgrades page?

Thank you.    I see if you hover over the calendar you can cancel

Comes here often

@JED2021 : I feel your question has not been answered.


That bullet point in the release notes is pretty meaningless. What sort of "device stability issues"? How frequent might the issues manifest? How much does it increase the instability? (from zero events to one every day? Or from zero events to one every year? Doesn't say...).


All the other bullet points in the release notes are useful, except that one.


I've opened a ticket with Meraki asking them these same questions, and they have yet to provide a real answer.


I've asked a similar question about release candidate versions on a different forum post, and a Meraki tech basically said "it is up to you to decide whether it makes sense to install."


But how is anyone supposed to make an informed decision when we see this warning without knowing the level of risk involved?


At this point, despite the fact that the RC version could solve a major client VPN problem, I'm going to have to hold off and find a different (non-Meraki) solution.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@LehmansITMgr we run MX250s on RC firmware and they have been stable.  I'd personally give it a try and you can always roll back if you experience issues.

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