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MX250 fan LEDs



I have what I hope is a question with a quick/easy answer.  When I was out west in one of our new care centers last week, I powered up a MX250 and noticed the fan LEDs are different.  They're solid orange as opposed to the solid green that I am used to on the MS350 fans.  Does anyone know if this is the expected behavior (they're both working)?  The status indicators section of the install doc does not say anything regarding the fan LEDs.  Thanks in advance!

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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Sorry I don't have any MX250 or 450 to test, but it's the same fan module (MA-FAN-18K) as used on the MS350-24X and MS425 switches.  If you have non 24X MS350, it's a different fan, the MA-FAN-16K.  So while it's possible there's a difference in LED color codes, I'd check with Meraki Support, there should be some MX250/450 units around to take a quick peek.  Please so report back if you get the definitive answer.

I opened a case and was told to update to the beta 14.21 which resolves an issue with false reporting of failed fans.  However, I have no one on site for another 2 weeks that can verify the LED status.  Hopefully it's all green back there. 

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