MX250 / MX450 Simultaneous Connections


MX250 / MX450 Simultaneous Connections

Hi all !


A customer (with approx 1000 employees) wants to know how many concurrent connections can really handle the MX250/MX450.


The datasheets, the sizing guide and the white papers does not provide this kind of specs


Found this thread, but not useful:


Does anyone knows the answer or can share experience  ?


Cheers !

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Kind of a big deal

Meraki does not publish the number of concurrent connections for their security appliances, instead opting for an aggregate metric of number of users that takes into account total resources on the device. For your customer Meraki's sizing guide would suggest the MX250 is appropriate. 


If you truly need this number then you can try asking your sales or account team, or call into support and ask there. You may not ever get the answer though.

Thanks @jdsilva !

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