VEEAM Backup and Replication over SD-WAN

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VEEAM Backup and Replication over SD-WAN

The Scenario

  • Customer has VEEAM Backup and Replication with the WAN Accelerator
  • We’re proposing a Cisco Meraki MX-based SDWAN.
  • The two sites between which the VEEAM replication takes place will both have two internet circuits of 25Mbps each, connected to an MX84 at the main site and an MX67C at the other site. (There are three more sites on the SDWAN but they are not involved in the replication).
  • VEEAM’s WAN Accelerator allows one to set a number of “streams” to be used for the replication traffic.
  • The Source and Destination IP addresses will be the same for all streams.
  • I await confirmation from VEEAM on whether the streams will have different PORT numbers on one or both ends of the link.


The question

  • Will this replication traffic be able to make use of the sum of the bandwidth available on the two active/active internet links (allowing for some loss due to overheads naturally)?
  • If the answer comes down to requiring different PORT numbers for each stream, is it necessary for each stream to have a different SOURCE and DESTINATION PORT number or is it sufficient to have only one of the PORT numbers being different on each stream?
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Kind of a big deal

Sorry, I have not used Veeam... But I can tell you that load balancing on the MX is flow based. I.e. each source port/IP dest port/ip stream will be load balanced to a link based on Meraki's fancy algorithm. If the backup is one flow containing the entire backup job then that flow will use one path and only one path. But, if the backup uses multiple flows then it possible each flow could use a different path. The more flows the more even the distribution.


As long as any one of source port/ip dest port/ip is differnent then it is a new flow and may be balanced accordingly.

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