MX250 Hardware Issues

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MX250 Hardware Issues

Has anyone else had issues with the MX250 product line? We purchased one to act as our public internet gateway around February / March. In June, we had to replace it because both of the fans failed on the device. The new MX250 that was sent to us is now doing the same thing, both fans have failed. I haven't found anything acknowledging an issue, so I wanted to see if anyone else experienced this issue.

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Kind of a big deal

What firmware version are you on?

Did support confirm the fans died and/or did you physically confirm this?

14.14 shows this bug:
In rare circumstances, the MX250 and MX450 may incorrectly report that a fan has failed

14.20 has that fixed
Fixed an issue that could cause the MX250 and MX450 to incorrectly report that a fan had failed
Nolan Herring |

Currently running version 14.39. 


Have an open ticket with support, but I suspect they will confirm. The device is doing the exact same thing it did the last time they issued an RMA 2 months ago. They sent me an entirely new box. Both modular fans are showing red / amber LEDs. Re-slotting them has no effect. Last time, they didn't even troubleshoot, they immediately issued me an RMA. This leads me to believe they are aware of a bad batch of hardware, but haven't confirmed. Typically they would have sent new fans before they sent an entirely new MX I would think.

Strange....figure they would just send a new fan. Those should be purchasable.

I have two MX250 myself.

Did you get an alert or some sort of notification about the fans failing? I don't see any for mine anywhere, and they are in a different state so I don't have the ability to verify unless someone goes to the data center 😃

Assuming you had someone visually notice the red LED status
Nolan Herring |

Yeah, I've been able to visually witness them with red / amber LEDs and not spinning at all. The dashboard gave me a warning that "one or more of the fans have failed". The device is running in a controlled data center with tons of other gear, so I know its not an environmental issue. Just odd really, hence why I came here to see if anyone else experienced this. 

Well at least the dashboard warned you then lol. That's good because I was getting a little paranoid lol.

Wish they would enable email alerting though
Nolan Herring |

We have a decent pile of these in service and have never had the issues you describe. 

How old are your units, JDSilva?

If they're 4+ years old, there may be an issue here where yours are older/more reliable, and the units we've all purchased in the last year or two are having production quality issues....



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