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NAT Exceptions/Override NAT per VLAN



I'm testing the NAT Exceptions on MX 15.16 beta and I cannot get the 'Override NAT per VLAN/NAT Config per VLAN' to work. It's all or nothing based on the 'Disable NAT per uplink' setting. Is something still being worked on or I am missing a setting?



Kind of a big deal

From what I can tell it's giving me the option to enable or disable NAT on per-VLAN basis



Nolan Herring |

Yes, the options are there but they do not have an effect, according to my testing.


If I check 'Disable NAT per uplink' then all VLANs do not have NAT regardless of the enable/disable per VLAN option, and vice versa.



So your saying that if you do go out of your way to DISABLE it for a specific VLAN, that it doesn't actually work.

Ok, if so, I would inform support because its still beta and they might be aware of it 😃

Good find my friend
Nolan Herring |

OK, I will contact support.




Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I *think* that the statefull firewal remains enabled - that it can talk out the no-nat WAN interface but connections can not be initiated in.


Is this possible whay you are seeing - or is the NO-NAT part itself just broken?

Not sure. I will check that out.

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