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MX100 - AMP causing WAN link failure?

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MX100 - AMP causing WAN link failure?

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I have MX100 with MX12.26 software.  We had some uplink issue and my tech seems to suspect high resource usage from AMP.  Can AMP cause WAN link to fail?  If so what is preventive action that I can take?  I have purchased the advanced security license for AMP but I am surprised that the device can't handle the processing. (We have about 100 clients connected to the MX100)


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Re: MX100 - AMP causing WAN link failure?

I highly doubt it's AMP causing the WAN link to fail. Could you provide some more information about the problem your experiencing with the WAN link?


The MX100 should have no problems running all services with 100 active clients, If you're skeptical about the load on the unit, call Meraki support who will be able to share the load information with you.


If you're running a newer version of Firmware on the MX, you can find out the load information yourself by going to organization> summary report and then clicking on "view new version". You'll then be able to see the device utilization graph. 

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Re: MX100 - AMP causing WAN link failure?

I agree with @WANKiller.  I would also upgrade to 13.28.  There are so many improvements and fixes.

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