MX load balancing

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MX load balancing

Right now I have 2 MX84's at one location. The main one is connected to a fiber connection and the second is a warm spare connected to a cable connection. Each one is plugged into WAN1 of the MX. I'm guessing load balancing won't work like this? Do I need to connect the cable connection into WAN2 of the main MX also?

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Kind of a big deal

If you're trying to do load balancing, yes.

Kind of a big deal

In this case you ideally want to connect both Internets to both MXes, but you will need to have at least two public IP's on each Internet service to do this. 



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On you set up your MXs as a HA, you will need to assign the correct Uplink speed manually.



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@CashG load balancing is where you have two internet connections and you use both of them concurrently to spread your throughput.



Warm spare / high availability / hardware redundancy is where you have multiple piece of hardware to cover the poissibility of a hardware failure. 

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