MX - Port menu is displaying CDP info

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

MX - Port menu is displaying CDP info

Am I late to the party or this is a new feature ? 




1- PoE Status shows ''alerting'' but without any real info about it.

2- Ports that are not connected shows as 10Mbps but they are at 1000Mbps.

 2.a That could be usefull , IF retrieving port speed via API was possible you could determine what ports are up or down ( which is not even possible even on the MS series ... )

3- Maybe one day it will possible to see the MAC on a specific port on a MX.

4- Clicking on ''Configure ports on this MX'' will bring you to Network-Wide - General if the MX is bound to a template.


We are getting close to something usefull here ! love it.

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Kind of a big deal

Oh good eyes. I think that's newish? I've been habitually using the API to get that information for months.


It does look like it's not as detailed as what the CDP/LLDP call will report.


Edit: Also a caveat that it looks like it's running a long timespan. The API call lets you customize that.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Nice. but why not also add the duplex status

Kind of a big deal

Gone for now while they fix the bugs I guess... Thanks for the share @RaphaelL 

I noticed it was gone, too.  Hopefully they bring it back along with the ability to manage those ports more like the switch ports.

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