MX Firmware Version 18.211.2

Getting noticed

MX Firmware Version 18.211.2

I have noticed that we cannot upgrade MX 64, MX84, MX100 and MX67 to the version 18.211.2, so know I have some concerns,
1- All these appliances are near to End of support.

2-But I am still able to see "upgrade available" on the page Firmware Upgrade page after updating it to max go firmware 18.107.10 for the devices, how we can remove these from warning to status good?
3-what is the END of life for the devices?



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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

While it's the not most ideal scenario (the UI could be improved) upgrading the legacy devices to the latest 18.211.2 will update the devices to 18.107.10 as you stated. When I do this I no longer see a firmware warning.


All of these devices are MX64s and MX65s.


Screenshot 2024-06-13 at 07.47.03.png


Are you still seeing the warning after updating?

Ryan / Meraki Solutions Engineer

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Yes I still see that.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Thanks @Ryan_Miles this check was asked in a post in the Dashboard forum 😎

Here to help

Were you able to solve it? The same thing happens to me with an MX64 that I uploaded to version 18.107.10

Hello, here is the response I got from Meraki support team.

"After reviewing the network, I can confirm that the MX64 is correctly upgraded to the highest firmware version it can run. Regarding dashboard alerting there is a newer firmware available, this is expected behavior as it is referring to a new firmware being available but not necessary something the current MX can upgrade to. This is because firmware is tied to the network container itself and not the specific MX. Dashboard might let you schedule an upgrade for the network further, but the MX64 will never upgrade past MX18.1."

thanks you @Anukul_Tiwari 

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