MX DC-DC redundancy

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MX DC-DC redundancy

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I am having issues understand the below doc


Concept only, not real scenario

if i have 2 DC's, 8 Remote site, (one meraki organization)

4 additional remote sites in 2 different meraki orgs


I want all the above remote sites to connect back to the 2 DC's

  1. I take it the 8 remote sites in the same org as the DC's will use AutoVPN
  2. The 4 other sites in different orgs will use  non-meraki s2s vpn


my real question is how would i design this?

at the DC1, i would have 2 mx's Active and Passive and same at DC2

  1. do the spokes(remote sites) see the active MX for DC1 and active MX for DC2
  2. or is DC like a warm spare of DC1


I hope the above makes sense, how would the design look like

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

The first option - spokes will see the active MX setup as a hub at each DC and the DCs will see each other.  The secondary MX is never really seen unless the primary fails and then via VRRP it becomes the primary 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Are your DC's by chance layer 2 adjacent?

connect via mpls, and DIA

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