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MAC Address spoofing

Getting noticed

MAC Address spoofing

I have some devices connected to the internet but i cant locate them on Wireless controller (i did not register them on the controller but they gain internet access) but i can see their MAC Address on Meraki. Anyone with possible assistance with blocking MAC Address spoofing?


Each time i block the device it comes with a different MAC Address again and generate IP automatically


Please help

Thanks in advance 

Kind of a big deal

Re: MAC Address spoofing

If I understand correctly; you have a non-Meraki WiFi system sitting behind a Meraki MX.


You wont be able to do anything on the MX to stop MAC address spoofing being done on a client connected to a WiFi controller connected on another system.


You should consider using some kind of authentication system on your WiFi network, such as WPA2-Enterprise mode, or splash page authentication.


On the MX you can configure a splash page with authentication.



You could also consider looking at what the customer is accessing.  If it is something that is not commonly used you could consider blocking that type of traffic.

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