Line app for windows not block via MX


Line app for windows not block via MX

End user's laptop can breakthrough firewall social app rule (Line app for Windows)


Timeline is:

Laptop connect to Meraki WiFi for first time of the day > Rule matched, Line blocked [OK]
Laptop disconnect and connect to cellphone hotspot > No rule control, Line not blocked [OK]
Laptop return to connect to Meraki WiFi > Line not blocked [?]

Line app in cellphones are blocked normally (WiFi > 4G[can use] > WiFi) except Laptops
Now user set public IP deny rules instead


User have tested for 2 branches, 2 MX models (MX84 v16.16 / MX100 v15.44) issue occur for both

I'm not entered user's site until now, just got issue from user

I've open case already, waiting for user appointment to test at site

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Kind of a big deal

Did the user try to disconnect from cellphone hotspot and wait some time before entering Meraki wifi again?

Or actively close the app, before coming back in?


I´m thinking of something like the Meraki is only getting inital data communication and not already existing. Maybe its encrypted...(?)


Today, after long holiday in Thailand, I've enter customer's site to investigate this issue.
2 weeks ago, many laptops got this issue.
But today, after while, the issue is gradually "fading" between investigating and no issue now. (no config changed)
Line app on windows is blocked successful.
(Very weird 😅)


Thanks for your advice, MarcP

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