Internet load balancing on Mx appliances

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Internet load balancing on Mx appliances

Hi Guys

With the internet load balancing on the Meraki Firewalls, if you set to use both links, does it just send 1 flow over one link and the next flow over the other link?

I assume the connection will be natted behind which ever link it gets sent out of?

Does it do a pretty good job of evening out the bandwidth of both links ?


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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Correct. Flows are round Robbin load balanced across the two links, taking bandwidth into account (Eg if WAN 2 is double the bandwidth of WAN 1, it gets double the number of flows).

And yes, it's is NAT'd using the WAN interface IP that it is sent out.


I would say it does the best it can with what it's got. In a perfect network it would be perfectly balanced. But some flows use a lot of bandwidth, some can spike unpredictably, some are tiny and open and close often.

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