IP V4, and V6 on my WAN1 !!!?????

Getting noticed

IP V4, and V6 on my WAN1 !!!?????

I found this on my MX merkai and not sure if its OK 




I have only WAN1 with both IP's V4, and V6 


Is this OK and tried to disable IPv6 on my WAN could not find way to do that 


Any advise 


I have complains of slow internet 


Really appreciated your help 

But i could not find that option 





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Just edit Wan interface configuration And you will be able to disable It.



Its not an option 




And on the Address and VLAN's you can see the WAN interface at all 



What firmware version are you running?

I see, let me perform a test.



Ypu should to edid your VLAN to disable that:




Really appreciated your help 

But i could not find that option 





Click in next.

Yes its disabled already for the VLAN


But the main issue is my WAN is getting V4 and V6 IP address at the same time using WAN1 only 

Maybe because its already disabled 




But the WAN is getting v6 IP

So, there is one more option. Open a case with Meraki support. 😅

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

 I fixed slow internet disabling  ipv6 on the local vlans. Any chance you have that enabled?

Local VLAN's are disabled already 

its enabled on the WAN and getting both v4, and v6 but there is no option t disable V6

Kind of a big deal

Your MX is receiving an IPv6 address on the WAN because the ISP is distributing one via DHCP6.

There is no way to disable the MX from receiving this address.


If you believe it's causing an issue, contact your ISP and ask that they disable IPv6 on the link. Or you could try contacting Meraki support and see if they can disable it on the MX from the backend (not sure if this is possible or not)




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