How to disable link failover in MX for internet traffic from wan1 to wan2?


How to disable link failover in MX for internet traffic from wan1 to wan2?


The scenario is: 

My Internet link is to be connected on WAN1 port on MX, while MPLS (through a Router) to WAN2 port on the MX.


At the site, we are going to deploy DIA, through MX (with Adv Security License), through it's local Internet Link.

The Meraki Management traffic will also flow out through the Internet link locally.


This branch site, will have AutoVPN's with the HUB through both it's Internet and MPLS link.


Also, the branch, will not receive a default route through HUB over AutoVPN (because there will be DIA), but the branch MPLS CE, will learn a default route from the HUB MPLS CE from 'Underlay'.


Now, we need to deploy a solution in which, when the branch Internet link fails, the Meraki Management traffic can use the default route through MPLS CE, out into the HUB and breakout through the HUB Internet, as below:

 MX WAN2 Port-> MPLS CE -- > MPLS Underlay --> HUB MPLS CE -> HUB Internet CE -> Internet Cloud.


But we don't want the Branch site's Local internet traffic to failover out through the MX WAN2 and should not traverse through the MPLS cloud, as in NO failover for Branch User Internet traffic.


I tried to figure out on the dashboard but could not locate any such option to configure this option, so want to confirm if there is an option to disable or set a preference of no link failover for Internet traffic (with WAN1 being its preffered link).




Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You can't do this if you are using both of the WAN ports in this way.

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