How to configure 2 VPN on one MX84

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How to configure 2 VPN on one MX84


Is there a way to create 2 VPN connection in one MX84. One is working fine , i want to create a second one for testing purposes.


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Kind of a big deal

Are you talking about non-Merkai site to site VPNs? Then yes.


If you are talking about Client VPN then you can only have one client VPN configured but lots of different peple can connect.


If you are talking about AutoVPN it is either off, Spoke or Hub.  There are no other options.

Thanks for your reply. Yes am talking aboutnon-Meraki site to site VPN.
How to create the second one ? Can i disable one to make sure the second one is working fine during the test?


Click "Add a peer" to add the next VPN.


Screenshot from 2018-12-13 11-57-00.png


Thank you very much. This helped me and cleared mu doubt about adding a  second VPN connection. If you let me know if there is a way to disable the first VPN while testing the new VPN which is the second one.


Thanks a lot


You could probably apply a tag to the first VPN, so it only works on devices with that tag - but don't put the tag on your MX.  Then it should do nothing.


I am working on the Tag now.

I understand that I can create my new VPN but then I need to tag the First (old existing VPN) and this will make my Second (new VPN) become live.

Can you please elaborate as you said that I don't need to put the tag on MX.

From what I understood is that I will create a new VPN and on the old VPN just put a tag.

Please let me know if I am right or misunderstood the concept.





Yes, I think that would probably work.

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