Restricting Client VPN by User or IP

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Restricting Client VPN by User or IP

I would like to have the ability to restrict specific users or specific groups of users once they are connected to Meraki Client VPN. I realize I can apply firewall rules but these firewall rules apply to the entire Client VPN subnet. Since I cannot use an external DHCP server for Client VPN, I don't have a way of doing DHCP reservations for specific clients and therefore I can't filter based on specific source IP's.


Obviously Meraki doesn't have anything like ASA Group Policies. Are there an other mechanisms I can try to do this?

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You could try using the Meraki Group Policies. You can set specific firewall and traffic shaping rules and apply them to specific clients on the client VPN.

Thats an excellent idea! I'm going to give this a try. Thanks

Did you manage? 


I have the same issue and as far as i can see this is not achievable.

You know...I tested it out a while back but then the requirement for this was no longer needed so I lost track on it. I thought that it did work but like I said I haven't tested it in a long time.
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