How to block Facebook Video streams

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How to block Facebook Video streams

Is there a way to allow my users to have facebook but block streaming videos within facebook? i run the MX65

Kind of a big deal

Not sure that would work on account of the amount of different sources of videos. I know that with other content filters you can get more specific about how you want this but not sure if Meraki is there yet with what gets blocked specifically on a webpage.

Kind of a big deal

What I saw, you only can block Facebook at all.

Kind of a big deal

Couple things to try would be do a packet capture while trying to watch a facebook video, see if you can find a url that you could blacklist. The other would be to try bandwidth limiting all facebook access to something that can't handle video (50kbps), but can handle text. It won't block it, but the videos probably will never load.

I like that idea, but just gotta find the right balance so you're not causing loading issues with photos or whatever.
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